The 10-volume Audit was oversighted and settled by eminent Sydney counsel, Mr David F Rofe QC, between mid-2005 to mid-2007 on behalf of his client, whistleblower Kevin Lindeberg.

It was tendered into evidence by Lindeberg’s counsel as wholly relevant to the 24 July 2012 Recusal Hearing associated with Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry Term of Reference 3(e).

This 2012/13 public inquiry was conducted under the power and authority of the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1950 (Qld). The Audit was accepted into evidence without challenge as relevant, numbered (Exhibit 5 Attachment 2) and published to the world - as a privileged, unredacted public record - by the lawful order of Commissioner Timothy Carmody SC around mid-August 2012.

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